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 How Can You Help?

Monetary and clothing donations will receive documentation for tax purposes through our 501(c). Donations (Tax Deducible) Your donations will go towards scholarships as well as  the "free store" where students can find the right clothes for them.

Our Secretary and Treasurer will keep track of your clothing or monetary donations and supply you with the necessary letter for your 

tax filing purpose.

Students About Improving Lives for Students  

How You Can Help

SAIL4S collects sporting gear, coats, jackets, slightly worn clothing and shoes for distribution to our sister schools. Currently we are supporting a "free store" at The English High School of Boston where students in need can choose from a selection of donated clothing.  In this store, students can feel comfortable to sort through and find what they need for themselves and their siblings. 

We will pick up your clothing donations or                you may drop them off at: 

                  103 Stockbridge Road

                   Scituate,  MA  02066


SAIL4S was founded by High School Student Olivia Clark and is run by students.  

We are an organization  that  believes that all students should have every opportunity to thrive in their learning environment , both in school and out.  Founded  in 2015, SAIL4S  set a goal to support students in various ways to help them succeed down a path of higher education.  In 2017/2018 we will help over 1,000 students in the inner city Boston schools.   Our primary mission is to hold clothing drives and fund raisers to provide clothing for students in need in a comfortable and respectful way .  We have created a "free store" that we operate in The English High School of Boston.  Students are welcome to take climate appropriate clothing , which particularly in winter, makes  it possible for them to attend school on a more frequent basis.   

 We also collect clothing for younger students  and do "pick-out" events that take place in one afternoon or evening.  The joy we realize by meeting students that we are helping will always be with us.   Each year our volunteer numbers increase as more students want to be a part of making life better for students who just need a little help. 

" The clothing SAIL4S brings in is hip and fashionable .  Overall, these donations benefit the whole school, especially the new comers who generally come from warm climates."  Ms. Esmirna Soto, Outreach Director, The English High School of Boston.

We believe that every student should have the chance to attend and thrive in college and we hold an annual funding raising drive to collect  money to award college scholarships.  We have also been awarded a  grant by The Scituate Education Fivesoundation to support our initiatives.   We are a  registered as a 501 (c) and every donation you  make goes directly to the students in need!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Meet the Incredible Team of Students who make this Happen by visiting the "About Us "tab.

Scholarships - We are asking for monetary donations from individuals and businesses to contribute to our scholarship program.  SAIL4S awards scholarships to The English  High School Students each year. Our goal is to increase our scholarship giving each year.  We are increasing the number every year but still need support to go further.

Our publicist  gets the word out through marketing and promotions in Facebook, etc .

So please follow us.